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Welcome to my new pet peeve.

Welcome to my new pet peeve.

Dec 23, 2015

When I write , I try to deliver content that is useful and entertaining. I am also a business person who has a product to sell. All the “smart” marketing folks say that if you deliver useful content in your blog , it will help your business. The one thing you shouldn’t do is make your blog a sales pitch because people will get real tired of it REAL FAST.

Here is a new spin on that concept. When you comment on a post in someone else’s blog , DON’T MAKE IT A COMMERCIAL FOR YOUR BUSINESS! Especially if your comment has little or no connection to the post you are attaching it to. Here’s an example. I was reading a post on INC entitled 3 Big Ideas to Steal From Netflix . This was a great article about employee retention and talent acquisition. I scrolled down to the comments and here is what I saw:

O really? So, should we start with choosing a hosting service provider that doesn’t even spare NetFlix on Christmas Eve?
Source: NetFlix Service Outage on AWS (Amazon Web Services)
What the H*** is this nut bucket thinking? The only connection his comment had with the post was that it was about Netflix and its employee policies…NOT about where Netflix is hosted. OK this is obviously an entrepreneur who is passionate about his business. I also understand that when you are a hammer , everything looks like a nail but for pity’s sake , have a little sense.

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