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I Saw Your Blog……..

I Saw Your Blog……..

Dec 23, 2015

Those of us who regularly post to blogs understand what a frustrating experience blogging can often be. You try to produce relevant and engaging content. You strive to not be “salesy” or “self serving”. When you share your prose with say…coworkers , the response is often “ OK?” or “And this does what…?” The blank expression on the faces when you try to answer “ Why do you do this?”  fuels the little voice in the back of your head that keeps saying “NOBODY CARES!” . Then a miracle happens! Somebody you meet says. “ I read your blog. It was very interesting.”

Years ago when I started this , I said “This is really about me having an outlet for my creative side and I don’t really care if anybody else reads I or not.” If you go back to my first post, in 2007 , I actually said that. (or words to that effect) Five years later, I am still really doing this for me…….but it is nice when someone else reads what I have to say.

When I try to answer the why do you do this question, I reference my mother’s journalistic career. Mom worked at a small weekly newspaper before she married Dad and she is the one who infected me with the journalism bug. I wrote for the school papers in high school and college and at one point thought I wanted to be a writer. As my brother once said , “ You played football in school too , but you didn’t turn pro at that either.”

If someone you know writes one of these things, take a look at it and let them know you did. Oh and ….. if you happen to read this…drop me a note in the comments section.

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