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AT&T Investing $14 billion in New Technology, As Long As It’s Not Copper

AT&T Investing $14 billion in New Technology, As Long As It’s Not Copper

Dec 23, 2015

From November 2012-According to AT&T chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson, AT&T is going to invest $14B in its networks over the next three years. The investments are going to focus on wireless ($8B) and wireline ($6B), but in this case it isn’t copper wire that being invested in, but IP technologies over fiber. Is the POTS line entered a death spiral? The opening paragraph of the article by Stacey Higginbotham sets the tone for what is coming for AT&T and the network:
AT&T is done with its copper telephone network and copper DSL business, according to its CEO and chairman Randall Stephenson, who spoke Wednesday at an analyst conference in New York City. The company believes that an all-IP network is the path to more profitable future. Given the millions of subscribers that are dependent on the copper telephone lines and copper DSL products, AT&T has offered a $14 billion fringe benefit for those customers and the regulators who will likely balk at the idea of AT&T stopping its investment in copper.
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So where does that leave the millions of customers who depend on the existing copper infrastructure , from single analog lines to traditional T-1s? Let’s just say , they are in a funny place. And not funny like HaHa.

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