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Cutting the cord–phase ????

Cutting the cord–phase ????

Dec 11, 2012

Here’s a little update on the “unwiring my home” project. Last week I connected my Verizon air card to my home network. After some tweaking and tinkering I have everything working and I must say…..I am really impressed!!! The best I could get from my old DSL connection was 3X384 since we live way out in the country. Here is the speed test I ran this morning:


WOW! I was not going to ever get anything close to this from ATT and cable is still a faraway dream out where I live.

My IP voice is working  (after some pretty extensive tinkering). I had a long conversation with my brother on Sunday and my retired telephone guy brother said it sounded great. Remote desktop and VPN are working well and of course , web surfing and email are SMOKIN!

So far so good! My only worry at this point is the fact that it is a metered connection and data usage is something I will need to keep an eye on. Overages on Verizon are billed at $15 per G. As of this morning , we have used 3 G of our 5 gig plan…IN 5 DAYS! I am going to have to figure something out about that.

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