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Cutting The Chord

Cutting The Chord

Aug 7, 2012

It’s been about a year since we “fired” Dish Network at my house. We only have TV that comes from broadcast sources and the internet. Our spend went from about $130 a month to about $26 (Netflix and Hulu). We managed to make it through the summer with no ill effects. Encouraged by this success , I am considering another bold move……firing (or reducing) AT&T. I am writing this post using an air card connection from Sprint that I have been using exclusively at home for about a week and it seems to be working pretty well. Cell phone signal at my home has been pretty dicey but seems to provide enough bandwidth to do the basic things like web and email. Just like the TV project , I plan to apply some technology to enhance the experience. My next step will be to see if a signal booster with an external antenna will increase the bandwidth and telephone to a level that will support things like voice and streaming. My friend who works at Sprint says 4G will be here “any day now”.

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