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The Power Of Buzz

The Power Of Buzz

Jul 26, 2012

Buzz Words Can Be A Powerful Tool…..

But Apply With Caution!

Having spent most of my life in industries loaded with buzz words and acronyms (PRI, ISDN , VOIP , Cloud , SEO) I am still amazed at the power that these “buzzy” concepts can assert. I recently had that waking nightmare experience that we all dread. I walked into a breakfast meeting and was told , “You are giving the presentation today.” Its like the dream where you go to school and suddenly realize you are naked! Anybody who knows me would be surprised that the idea of speaking extemporaneously for ten minutes on ANYTHING would give me pause but it did…..a little.

Since I have recently been involved in some social media projects, I decided to go with that. Now sometimes when I start off talking about technology stuff, I notice that my audience will often get that eyes glazed , little drop of drool at the corner of the mouth look. NOT THIS TIME! Everybody was paying attention and at the end when it was time for questions the Q&A was longer than my allotted speaking time.

Afterward , I was asked to meet with someone at their office to talk about about how I could help them with a social media campaign…WOW!

The moral here is… is all about driving the growth of business with better and innovative methods that deliver REAL returns. Often you can use “buzz words” to gain interest and engage your clients. Remember to be careful…set the proper expectations and ALWAYS deliver the goods.

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