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Come On Honey…Let’s Go For A Ride!!!!!

Have you ever uttered these words to your spouse or significant other? When you say it with a certain enthusiasm and a gleam in your eye, it really makes it sound like you are going on a fun and exciting trip.
Sometimes it means, “Honey I am going to quit my nice safe corporate job and jump out on my own. I will be risking everything we have built together and I will disrupt our whole family routine. You are OK with that right?” I’ve done this twice in 16 years of marriage. We are still married. I guess this means that we have a really good marriage right? Yes it also means that I have a really great wife. This is the same woman that has and still does encourage me to buy a motorcycle. One of my buddies once told me, “You mean your wife WANTS you to buy a motorcycle and you don’t have one yet!” The gigantic epiphany that I have gotten out of all this is simple….my wife wants me to be happy because she loves me that much. Now to some, this may seem like one of those DUH kind of statements but honestly do all of you guys have this kind of incontrovertible proof that your wife wants , above all else, for you to be happy and fulfilled? If you do , I hope you realize how lucky you are……if you don’t…..god bless you.

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