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I recently changed sell phone providers. (Yes this is the first of many intentional misspellings). Here is my take on picking a wireless provider.They are all equally bad. You WILL have dropped calls, you WILL have phone issues ranging from bad equipment to dead end upgrade paths. No matter which one you pick there will be places where it  WON”T WORK. AND none of them will work worth a flip out in the boonies where I live. Over the years, I have tried everybody but Verizon. Why you ask have I not given Verizon a go? I have several friends who have used Verizon and from their experience, I have concluded that while it may work a little better for the most part they too have the same issues I described above. And since Verizon is unabashedly more expensive than everybody but AT&T, I really don’t see the point. Also I have noticed that like AT&T, Verizon doesn’t work AT ALL at my house. Which brings me to my major criteria for sell phone provider choice…..price. If everybody is equally bad, then you pick the one that gives you a better deal. I had been with T-Mobile for many years but as everyone has noticed, they have been gradually creeping up in price for years. I looked at Sprint and found I could reduce my bill by $50 dollars a month. My daughter wanted a new phone and so I switched. So far so much the same ole stuff but at 50 bucks a month less so I am good.

Interestingly enough, recently I had a major disruption of phone and Internet at my house caused by the air-gap created when the gas company decided to run their new line right through the underground cable that brings AT&T to my house. ( I am working now off a self installed temp service because AT&T has assured me that they will have my problem resolved no later than Monday at 5pm….the cable was cut the previous Tuesday by the way) Before installing the temp fix , I contemplated using the tether on my Android phone to get “a little Internet” little because as I previously mentioned, nobody works well at my house. I couldn’t seem to make it work so I called tech support where I was told they “don’t support” tethering. They were kind enough to offer their “mobile hot spot feature” which would turn my phone into a slow oversubscribed wifi hot spot that would support several devices at a crawl at my house for” just 29.99 a month”. I naturally declined. I have since read posts all over the Internet about the terrible wrong that Sprint has perpetrated on all their customers by stopping free unlimited tethering. GIVE ME A BREAK! Here is my take on it, Sprint…I am OK with you trying to exploit a perceived revenue opportunity as long as you are OK with me… not buying it, waiting for someone to come up with a clever way to get around it (and they will) and making fun of you for doing it.  That’s the American way! I was actually very amused as the Sprint tech support rep and I chuckled together about the “wonderful feature” and the 30 dollar price tag. Her reaction kind of leads me to believe that they aren’t getting many takers? Like Mama used to say, “You might as well laugh” right? Did I have the impression that I would be able to do this when I signed up? Yes. Will I forgo thirty dollars of the fifty I am saving to have it? NO. Am I outraged because Sprint has disenfranchised me from my God given right to tether? Of course not. Will I go back to another carrier because of it? No of course I won’t. This is a business transaction and all they owe me is a reasonable attempt to provide the base service I signed up for…period. Sell phone, Internet and cable TV are not like life liberty and the pursuit of happiness…they are not inalienable rights handed down to us by God. Just like my situation with my buried telephone cable….am I happy that AT&T will take 6 days to come look at my issue and tell me they will take another week to fix it…no I’m not but this is a business transaction so my other option is to take my business elsewhere or live with it… I am not going to be indignant and whine that they have violated my constitutional rights or something equally stupid. So Sprint……although you may think you’ve “got me now”….that will only happen if I let you.

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