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The Big “Merger”

When I started doing this a few years ago, I titled it “Gary D’s Take”. I have some other blogs and sites that are related to businesses and things that are not entirely just me. This is just me and what I think.

As a T Mobile customer I have some concerms about the pending merger with AT&T. My main concerm is that I know those guys at AT&T pretty well. While the official story is that they plan to honor T Mobile’s pricing and way of doing things (and they have to for a while) I know how they are and how they think…..they won’t be able to keep from AT&Ting it up! It’s just not in them!

For those of us who have invested in GSM technology ( I started with an HP IPAQ) its sad. I have been a happy T Mobile customer for years. They proved that you could keep your pricing reasonable , give excellent customer service and be sucessful. I just don’t think any of that will last much longer. None of those things are part of the A companies business model. Now the Germans that run T Mobile are really really really smart guys so maybe they have some grand plan to come out on top when the dust settles. I hope so.

Meanwhile… I guess I will just watch and wait.

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