My views on life, love , career and…well just about everything.

Social Media and Me

Being a technology guy, all this blogging and tweeting and facebooking just kind of comes naturally to me. Occasionally I wonder about it though. Is this what we do instead of having real human interactions? Those people who like to pore poop on everything ( we all know some ) say this is what has taken the place of having a real life and real interactions with people. For some this may be true. I have worked with those poor souls who spend their lives in a dark room by the glow of the CRT(Cathode Ray Tube) maybe now by the light of the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) Hold on , I gotta turn on the light so I can see to type .Those poor wretches who spend their days and nights pounding away at the keyboard. However a lot of us who do this stuff DO have lives and careers and families. What’s the value to us? For me , I get to share some of my thoughts and experiences with my lifelong friends who BECAUSE they have lives and families and jobs wouldn’t get to talk to me very often under normal circumstances. I get to know who is not feeling well and needs some cheering up. Sometimes I am the one who needs cheering.We get to remember those special moments and times that bond us forever and that only we can really inderstand.

So to the poop pore-ers…….when the people you have known all your life are scattered to the four corners of the earth…its nice to remember those times that you shared back in the day . Its really special to be able to share a little piece of your life now with those friends and loved ones because those are the people who really get you when no one else does.

Life Love and the Pursuit of Happiness

Every so often I have to “check-up from the neck up”. The other day I was complaining to my wife about being at a football game to watch my daughter cheer. It was cold , I was missing something on TV and the bleachers were hard on my behind. I was thinking to myself how lucky my daughter was to have parents that supported her……….just like my parents did…….uhoh…..memories of my Mom and Dad sitting in the stands watching me play football flashed through my head. Were those bleachers any softer, was TV any less engaging? My Dad was a busy guy too.

I just heard that a friend of mine lost his brother and I realized that its been a while since I talked to mine. And there is that unanswered email in my inbox from my sister.

I grumble about my stomach issues sometimes. Then I realize I have a friend from high school who has one of those recurring conditions (I am not good with medical names and things) that gives her constant pain. I need to just watch what I eat and I’ll be fine.

I listen to my friend who is still at the company I used to work at talking about all the crazy things going on there. ( I actually have more than one of these) and it dawns on me what a great place I work at now.

Yes my daughter is very fortunate in lots of ways…….but so am I.

Take stock occassionally people……it’s good for your soul!