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Here We Go Again!

Well football fans , just like Michael Vick and Brett Farve , I have joined a new team, again!

As of July , I am the Director of Site Support Services at Hardy Services a division of The Hardy Corporation.

Cool title huh! But what the heck do I do?

Hardy has been in the mechanical contracting business since 1943. OK that’s air conditioning and plumbing stuff right? Hang on it gets better! In the 80s Hardy started up Hardy Services to do service work on the mechanical systems they sold. Still AC and flush toilets right? Now that you are thoroughly confused , let me wrap it all up for you. About 10 years ago , Hardy Services began to work with Liebert , a manufacturer of computer room air conditioning and uninterpretable power systems. Hardy Services is the factory authorized service center for Liebert cooling in Central Alabama. Liebert and other similar manufacturers like APC play in both power and cooling not to mention racks and power distribution. Hardy began to see more opportunity in some of the other things that support information technology like power systems , raised flooring and even fire suppression systems. Now this all begins to make sense! Since mechanical service companies play all day long with piping and wiring how much of a stretch would a UPS be , or an FM fire system , or even a card reader for access control?

So who goes out into the marketplace and spreads the gospel about all this great stuff that Hardy Services is doing? This person needs to understand the IT business and be knowledgeable about how data centers operate and be able to interface with IT Managers , CIOs as well as facilities management people.Enter yours truly!

Now you may ask, why has it taken me since July to post? I have been and still am , really busy getting our presentations and processes put together but everything is just about to come together and ready to make its debut.

Here’s the other great thing, I LOVE MY JOB! Frankly, its been a while since I could say that and I am really enjoying the challenge.

Stay tuned…..I am about to be in full promotional mode so expect lots of stuff on the blog in the coming months.

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