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The Value of Value

OK the title sounds at the least repetitious and maybe even silly,but I have been thinking a lot lately about value. Gitomer and all my other guru’s talk a lot about “building value for the customer”. What is valuable to your customer?

In my world, I build value on three levels. One with the knowledge and expertise that they gain access to by doing business with me and my company. This knowledge base is not just what’s in my head but the cumulative knowledge and experience of all the people that I work with and the ones that we interact with that don’t necesarily belong to the inner circle of the company.

The second value builder is how we can leverage technology to help them accomplish the things that they need to do or want to do, effectively, reliably and efficiently.

The third is the way we do business. We apply the principles of trust based selling to every project. If you always have the best interests of the customer in mind,even if that doesn’t always parallel what makes you the most money, you will prevail and prosper in the end.

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