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Just Another Manic Monday

Well here goes! I read recently that some IT companies would not take you seriously unless you had a web presence ie a blog.

Now I have never worried too much about being taken seriously however, as a well know gadget guru, technophile, geeky nerdy on the bleeding edge of technology kind of guy…I really don’t know how I have gone this long without my very own blog.
I have been led to believe that a blog should be posted to every day like a diary and should talk about what you are doing or have done that day like a diary. Guess what, I AIN’T gonna do that!

Let’s talk instead about the things that matter most to me and hope nobody reads this!

So since I have spent my whole life in the telecommunications industry (one of my earliest fond memories is of sitting on a packing crate in a STEP office in Okolona , Arkansas, strapping blocks for my Dad) that is probably what I will talk about the most.

Right now since I am in the process of negotiating a fairly big deal for a multi-location fiber WAN, I have been pondering the commodity status of bandwidth. Like many of the things in our industry that are not exactly as they should be, this is a self inflicted wound. The 64 million dollar question is what do we do about it? My answer……I don’t know! Maybe we don’t be quite so willing to cut each others throats? Easier said than done in a corporate climate that doesn’t take excuses and failure is not an option.

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